Welcome to the ‘Happy Roots’ Learning Center


Our Program provides a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment for infants. The classroom environment is set up for infants to engage in free, safe exploration as well as teacher initiated activities.


Our program provides a safe, nurturing and active learning environment for toddlers. Toddlers follow a daily schedule and routines that provide toddlers a sense of security and independence as they are ready for new experiences.


Our program provides a safe, caring learning environment for preschoolers. Our preschool environment offers daily structured and unstructured activities as well as a strong emphasis on cleanliness and hand washing.

Our Mission

At Happy Roots Learning Center we work to create a respectful, calm, encouraging environment for each child. We focus on social and emotional growth and development; as well as cognitive development. It is our goal to help each child develop meaningful relationships, and friendships; learning how to truly connect, and respect one another. We strive to guide each child toward their full potential, on the path to becoming a productive, supportive, kind, and considerate member of our society, and our environment.

Classroom Facilities

Happy Roots Learning Center is a licensed Early Education and Care child care center. The center is licensed for thirty one children ages one month to six years old.  The center has three classrooms, and an eight hundred square feet fenced play yard for infants and toddlers. As well as, an eleven hundred square feet fenced play area for preschool children.


The entrance to the center is to a bright, colorful and cozy infant classroom. This classroom has a changing station with a sink as well as a napping room with portable cribs and rocking chairs. There are high chairs and a small infant table with chairs in the eating/art area. The classroom is divided into learning areas with a large comfortable reading corner.

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The entrance door leaves the infant room into a hallway that leads to the door of a bright colorful toddler classroom. This classroom has a changing station and a bathroom. The children sleep on mats in the classroom. There is a refrigerator with small table and chairs in the eating/art area. The classroom is divided into learning areas with a cozy reading corner as well as a spacious area for music, movement and gross motor play. This classroom has the door leading to the outside play area.

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The entrance is a separate door at the front of the building which enters to a bright and cheerful preschool classroom. The classroom is divided into learning centers with a small carpet covered stage for a warm and inviting reading corner.  The children sleep on cots in the classroom. The refrigerator with a preschool table and chairs is in the eating/art area. There is a large colorful mat covered gross motor room and a bathroom in this classroom.


The infant/toddler playground is a chain link fenced eight hundred square feet area. The surface is sand covered and there is a shed containing sand toys, trucks, tractors, wagons, riding toys as well as teeter totters and play houses. This playground  is shared among the infants and toddlers with each classroom having a thirty minute scheduled time in the morning. In the afternoon the children are combined into one classroom and spend more time outside weather permitting. The preschool playground is a chain link fenced eleven hundred square feet area. The surface is nine inches of mulch to provide a fall height for the climbing structure and four way teeter. As well as a water sprinkler, playground balls and sand toys for the playhouse sandbox. The children enjoy having snacks outside at the picnic tables. 

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Our Policies

This section contains highlights of our general policies.   Upon enrollment, parents will receive a copy of our “Parent Handbook” which contains a complete, detailed description of all of our policies and procedures.

At Happy Roots it is our goal to help your child develop a strong foundation from which they can grow and build their self-confidence, self-esteem, and individuality.  We provide a flexible, structured, preschool and toddler based curriculum. These curriculum focus on letter and number recognition, writing and elementary school readiness. We also provide a balance of child-guided play and free play so that each child can explore their independent interests taking on the roles of both teacher and student. Outside time is a very big part of our program, philosophy, and daily routine.  We feel that connecting with nature is an essential element of every child’s growth process.  We do many of our group, art, and music activities outside and weather permitting, spend time outdoors everyday!

At Happy Roots Learning Center we work to create a respectful, calm, and encouraging environment for each child. Our focus is on social and emotional growth and development as well as cognitive development. It is also our goal to help each child develop meaningful relationships and friendships while learning how to truly connect and respect one another. We strive to guide each child toward their full potential on the path to becoming a productive, supportive, kind, and considerate member of our environment and our society.

Happy Roots Learning Center consists of three classrooms
serving a total of twenty-six children ages 4 weeks to 6 years.

Happy Roots Infant Program provides care for up to seven children ages 4 weeks to 15 months.

Happy Roots Toddler Program can accommodate up to nine children ages 15 months to 35 months.

Happy Roots Preschool Program serves ten children ages 2.9 – 6 years.

Preschool full day operates 7:30am – 5:00pm Monday – Friday.
Preschool full day rate is $46.35 per day.

Full day toddler program operates 7:30am – 5:00pm Monday – Friday.
Toddler rate is $52.46 per day.

Full day infant program operates 7:30am to 4:30pm Monday – Friday.
Infant rate is $57.20 per day.

*Program fees are billed monthly, and payment is due by the 1st of the month (prior to care).

Happy Roots Learning Center is a year round program with holidays and closures posted yearly.

Happy Roots Learning Center is open daily from 7:30am – 5:00pm Monday through Friday.

If a parent is unhappy, disappointed, confused, in conflict, or has any dispute with a staff member while their child is in care this should be brought to the attention of the Director (Darlene Barbeau).  A meeting will be scheduled with the parent, staff involved, and the director to address any issues and to seek appropriate resolution. All parents have the right to contact Early Education and Care for information regarding the program’s regulatory compliance history.



Amy Carey
Phone: (413) 881-1520
Early Education and Care
1441 Main St. Suite 230
Springfield MA

Employees & Positions:

  1. Owner/Director: Darlene Barbeau
  2. Infant Teachers: Darlene Barbeau, Leah Yeglinski, Julie Moran
  3. Toddler Teachers: Lennete Williams, Desiree Orcutt
  4. Preschool Teachers: Sandy Castine, Amber Orcutt
  5. Assistant Teacher: Amber Barbeau

Licensing Authority is the Early Education and Care agency in Springfield Massachusetts.

Department of Early Education and Care
1441 Main St.   Suite 230
Springfield, MA 01103
Telephone- 413 881-1534
Fax- 413 784-1227

Happy Roots Learning Center was founded in 2014 as a center based childcare program. It is the goal at Happy Roots to provide quality childcare for local children and their families.  As parents and educators we recognize and appreciate all of the difficult decisions that parents must make as well as the expenses that challenge our everyday lives. We strive to alleviate some of that angst by providing safe, reliable, affordable childcare with an educational base.

Please note:  Every effort will be made on the behalf of the providers to have the center remain open. However, in the event of an emergency, power outage, or family illness, the providers reserve the right to close the center with as much notice as possible under the circumstances.

Should the provider close the center, all parents will be contacted by phone, and no charge will be applied.


All absences will be billed as full, regularly scheduled days.

While we recognize that occasionally circumstances arise, and late pick cannot be
avoided, staff have their own families and personal obligations; therefore
repeated late pick-up cannot be tolerated.
We will allow one late pick-up, with a phone call to the center to let
our staff know that the parents are running late.  After this initial late pick-up, subsequent
late pick-up will result in the following fees:

The late fees are as follows:

10 minutes late = $15.00

15 minutes late = $30.00

30 minutes or more = $75.00 late fee charge (and possible suspension of contract).

Late fees will apply for late pick up after 5:00pm. 

All late fees will be applied to the following month’s bill, and payment in full
will be expected prior to care.

*Excessive late pick-up may result in suspension or termination of contract.

If a parent is more than 15 minutes late, the family’s emergency contact person
will be called.  In the event that the parents and the emergency contact person cannot be reached within 45 minutes of the scheduled pick-up time, DCF will be called to come and retrieve the child.

A. Right to Visit

You have a right to make unannounced visits to your child’s room while you child is
present.  Parents may also schedule a time to come to the program to volunteer, or observe the classrooms.

B. Parent/Staff Communication

Parent and Staff communication is paramount to a child’s successful childcare
experience.  Parents are encouraged to email Darlene Barbeau, to communicate any questions or concerns that they may have, this is also the best way to request a meeting.  It can often be to busy to converse/communicate, during drop off and pick up times.   Our staff will be more than happy to schedule a time for parents to come early, stay late, or stop in during rest time, to discuss anything you may wish to talk about. A request must be made in advance for these meeting times.

Darlene Barbeau – darlenedaycare@yahoo.com

Happy Roots staff will conduct observations, and present evaluations to parents twice a year.  After parents have had ample time to review the evaluation, a conference will be scheduled to discuss each child’s progress.

Monthly newsletters stating curriculum focus, events, and important information will be sent home on a regular basis.

The infant and toddler program will present daily reports to parents at the end of each day.

Happy Roots Learning Center recognizes and appreciates individuality, and independence.
Our Teachers understand that while children may be at the same chronological
age, each child develops differently, with many unique learning styles.

Happy Roots Learning Center staff work positively, and patiently with each child to encourage self-regulation, and autonomy.  Teachers focus on positive encouragement, and redirection in order to create; a calm, constructive environment for optimal growth and development.

Happy Roots Learning Center Toddlers and Preschoolers will learn social responsibility, positive communication skills, and emotional control techniques through gently guided play, and reinforcement through the classroom curriculum.

Happy Roots Learning Center provides safe, age-appropriate toys and activities, as well as a flexible schedule which can be adapted to meet children’s interests, and attention spans.

The general rules, and guidelines of the classroom will be discussed daily, we will
work together to brainstorm rules, and to create a poster which will serve as a
reminder of these rules.  Children will be reminded as needed throughout the day about the rules, and expectations.  Whenever a new activity, game, event, etc. is happening, all/any rules and expectations will be clearly explained well in advance.

If a child chooses not to abide by the rules, they may be asked to sit out, for no more than one minute per age, at any given time. Teachers will not use any punishment, or discipline techniques that require the use of any physical restraint.  Happy Roots Learning Center prohibits the use of spanking, or other corporal punishment.  Children will not be subjected to cruel or severe punishment such as humiliation, verbal, or physical abuse, neglect, or abusive treatment.   Children will never be deprived of meals or snacks.

Children will not be disciplined for soiling, wetting, or not using the toilet, and
children will never be allowed to remain in soiled clothing.

Parent Visit

Parent and child will tour the center. During this visit the child will be invited to join the classroom while the parent and director meet for an informal interview.

Parents Submit initial application.

After the parent/child visit, the director and classroom teacher will meet to discuss
the family’s needs, goals, and expectations, to determine if the program is an
appropriate match.

If all parties determine that the program is appropriate for the child and family,
parents will receive an acceptance/enrollment package to be returned with the first months tuition.

As soon as parents submit completed enrollment package, and provide the first
month’s payment the child will be admitted into the program.

All children must have weather appropriate change of clothing, at the center at all
times. It is the parent’s responsibility to provide the child with outdoor apparel, and any other
personal items they require. If the child is using diapers, it is the parent’s responsibility to provide adequate diapers, wipes, creams etc.

It will be the parent’s responsibility to return to the center with any forgotten
clothing/diapering items immediately, or the provider reserves the right to
send the child home.

Please note-If soiled clothing is sent home, replacements must be brought the following

Nutrition is a fundamental part of every child’s overall healthy development.  Parents are responsible for providing a healthy, complete lunch everyday.  Meals must be prepared “ready to eat”, the center is equipped with a microwave for warming food-please note the center does not have “cooking” facilities.  The center will provide children with two healthy snacks per day.  All meals will be served at scheduled times, allowing for some flexibility depending on children’s schedules.


We have one scheduled rest/nap time, midday; all children will be expected to have a nap/rest.  Children who do not sleep will be expected to either, rest quietly in their portacribs/on their cots, or to do quiet, non disruptive activities, such as look at books; at the table. Children will all nap together in the classroom, with lights low, and calm music.

Age appropriate toys will be provided for all children to use.  Children should refrain from bringing any toys from home, into the program.  Please be aware any/all toys brought to the center, will be expected stay in your child’s cubby until pick-up time.  (Exception-Assigned Preschool Sharing)

Happy Roots Learning Center adheres to a strict non-discrimination policy in its employment practices and in the provision of services to its clients. Happy Roots will not refuse, withhold, or limit the provision of any services to any present or prospective client, or make any employment decision regarding any current or prospective employee, based solely on that individual’s race, color, religious creed, handicap, ancestry, national origin, age, sex, veteran status, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, pregnancy or citizenship status. Happy Roots is an equal opportunity employer, and childcare provider.