Infant Classroom

Infant Care

Our Program provides a safe,nurturing and stimulating environment for infants. The classroom environment is set up for infants to engage in free, safe exploration as well as teacher initiated activities.

      Teachers engage with infants individually and in small groups through out the day. Infants receive lots of physical contact holding, hugging and cuddling. They are held and rocked when being fed their bottle and preparing for a nap. Infants develop bonds with individual caregivers and interaction with peers.

     The infant curriculum is designed to help infants learn and grow in every developmental area. Teachers are attentive and affectionate during routine activities. Communication is constant through out the day talking, singing and reading to them. Teachers introduce learning experiences in art and sensory play. Infants social and emotional growth is most important infants learn to feel safe and secure through responding to their needs and supporting positive behavior.

     Teachers strive to provide a healthy and safe classroom. Toys are washed daily, the room is cleaned at the end of the day and toys are changed on the weekends. Hand washing is very important staff and infants wash hands after diapering and before eating.

     Our program values building a strong parent/ teacher relationship. Daily communication with parents about their child’s day as well as daily reports are strong assets to building good relationships. Teachers are always open to suggestions, concerns and questions that parents may have. Progress reports are done regularly on developmental growth and conferences can be schedule at any time. 

     Our program provides a private Facebook page for parents to view their child’s photos, activities, updates and information about our program. To be invited to this page parents provide an email address to the director.