Toddler Classroom

Toddler Classroom

Our program provides a safe, nurturing and active learning environment for toddlers. Toddlers follow a daily schedule and routines that provide toddlers a sense of security and independence as they are ready for new experiences. The classroom environment provides a variety of structured and unstructured activities as well as implementing hand washing and cleanliness as part of our daily routine.

     Teachers encourage self help skills and independence through daily activities of washing hands, dressing, potty training, cleaning up toys and clearing their snack space. Toddlers participate in large and small group activities through out the day. Toddlers are read to several times a day and books are available for them to look at on their own. Singing songs, music and movement start the day in the toddler classroom.

     Our toddler curriculum is theme based, age appropriate and implements activities in art, music, literature, math and science. Toddlers are introduced to new experiences to explore, create and learn therefore enhancing their developmental growth. Social emotional growth is the key to toddler’s learning. Teachers help toddlers to feel safe, secure and learn positive behavior as well as how to interact with peers.

     Teachers build relationships with parents through daily communication, news letters and messages on classroom bulletin boards.  Progress reports every six months and schedule conferences anytime. Parents are invited to join the private Facebook page by providing an email address to the director.